Government Contractors

Increasingly, companies that regularly contract with the United States Government to provide goods and services are becoming attractive targets of (i) other companies looking to become government contractors, and (ii) existing government contractors looking to expand their array of goods and services. At MillCrest Law, our attorneys have experience representing government contractors in mergers and acquisitions and joint venture transactions. Our depth of experience in corporate matters, generally, is highly relevant to clients looking to pursue their strategic options in this space. Moreover, our specific transaction experience, including in circumstances where government security clearance issues are at play, allows us to focus on the needs of our clients in the transactions at hand without missing a beat.


Our attorneys have advised on numerous government contractor matters, including:

United States Department of Defense contractor in connection with a sale of all of its stock to a strategic buyer.

United States Department of Defense contractor in joint venture agreement among prime and subcontractors seeking to bid on a significant contract for the Department of the Army.

Government contractor and provider of engineering services to the General Services Administration (“GSA”) in the sale of substantially all of its assets to a non-profit company providing similar services to the GSA.

Systems engineering firm with several significant contracts with the Department of the Navy in several strategic acquisitions and in the sale of all of its stock to a strategic buyer.


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